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Over 100 Years of History Written in Stone

At MTM Designs, we believe that stone is special. Therefore, we employ the latest technology and the most skilled workmanship with a genuine desire to provide the residents of Kelowna with beautiful, unique and enduring products, at a surprisingly low cost. Visit our showroom today to select the product of your choice. Call us for free quotes.


Our History

MTM Designs is a family-owned and -operated business, specializing in stonework for generations. Over the years, we have learned and developed numerous trade secrets. Eventually, when we arrived in Canada, we incorporated our tried-and-true European experience and technology into every product that we sought from our creation. 

It is this experience of ours that has made MTM Designs the preferred choice for all granite, quartzite and other natural stone requirements in Kelowna. We search quarries all around the world to find the stones of the best quality and value and then handpick each piece with care to ensure that it meets the high industry standards.

Experience the matchless beauty of natural stone from MTM Designs.

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