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Quartz Countertops in Kelowna

If you're planning to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen with quartz countertops, we can help. At MTM Designs, we take pride in designing and fabricating quality countertops that enhance the beauty, functionality and value of your space. Our quartz countertops in Kelowna are incredibly popular with our clients, and with good reason. They're stylish, durable and come in an endless range of colours.


Our company has been involved in the stone business for over 100 years. What this means is that we've mastered the art of producing beautiful quartz countertops that enhance all types of residential and commercial spaces.


Please contact us if you'd like to know more about our quartz countertops in Kelowna. You can also view our gallery to get a glimpse of our work.

Benefits of Quartz Countertops

With so many options available, choosing the right material for your countertops can be challenging. Like every home makeover project, it ultimately boils down to personal preferences and budget. Here are some benefits of choosing quartz:

Add a level of luxury and elegance to your bathroom and kitchen
Repairs possible for small chips and cracks
Available in a variety of colours and textures to match the aesthetics of your home
Low maintenance
Stain-resistant to most contaminants

Natural Quartzite vs Engineered Quartz

Quartzite is a stone that occurs naturally and has similar properties to that of granite, whereas engineered quartz is a man-made stone that has a large portion of natural quartz and a percentage of pigmentation to offer more colour choice. Both materials are unique in their properties. Let us help you decide which one you should install in your space with a comparison.

Appearance: Quartzite is generally found in gray colour, and limited options like pink or red hue, yellow, blue, green and orange are due to the presence of other minerals in the stone. Whereas, due to pigmentation in quartz, it is available in a much wider range of colours and textures.

Strength and durability: Quartzite is harder than granite and can withstand high degrees of heat and pressure. Quartz has the advantage of being flexible due to the presence of elastic resins making it less prone to dents and chips as compared to quartzite.

Maintenance: Both engineered quartz and quartzite require minimal maintenance and can be wiped with a damp cloth. Both may be sealed for easy cleanup and peace of mind.

Cost: As quartzite needs to be cut with diamond blades and requires more manpower, it is more expensive than quartz which can be easily poured into a mould to acquire its respective shape.

Engineered quartz is the winner for people who are looking to add an aesthetic and modern appearance to their countertops, while for those looking for flooring or a staircase and variety, quartzite wins the battle. Quartzite is also ideally suited for outdoor applications, whereas engineered quartz is not. One other thing to consider is that engineered quartz is generally your more economical choice compared to quartzite.

Quartz Or Granite

Both granite and quartz are widely used as countertop materials as they are durable and require minimal maintenance. But being an engineered stone, quartz offers more consistent colour and texture. Since quartz is with a certain percentage of pigments and resins, it is non-porous and very durable for countertops.

Other differences between granite and quartz are:

Quartz is available in plain designs and colours and is easy to work with while creating versatile designs.

With proper care, quartz countertops will provide many years of trouble-free enjoyment. They will maintain their beauty with little chance of chipping or cracking under normal use.

Quartz countertops do not house any bacteria

We understand that choosing the right material for countertops can be a bit overwhelming. Our team can help you choose the right material to meet your needs. Get in touch with us and discuss your requirements.

Maintaining Quartz Countertops

Look at some easy steps to sustain the beauty of your installed quartz countertops:

Regular cleaning with mild soap and a soft cloth, do not use abrasive cleaners.
Remove all liquid stains as soon as you encounter them.
Scrape away grease, gum, and paint with a plastic putty knife or razor blade.
Wipe off grease using a degreaser.

Trusted Manufacturer in the Industry

MTM Designs offers a great range of stones that will help complete the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. We proudly stand behind the quality of every installation. Our products are distinctively durable, non-absorbent and easy to maintain. Contact our team today for a quote on quartz countertops in Kelowna. Explore our gallery to view our past projects.

Contact Us for Quartz Countertops in Kelowna

At our company, we prioritize your needs. When you choose us to provide you with your quartz countertop in Kelowna or any other product, we make it our goal to exceed your expectations. We manufacture our countertops at our in-house facility for superior results.


Please contact us if you'd like to know more about quartz countertops or any other product. Besides this, we can also provide you with stunning granite countertops for your home or business.

Durable Countertops in Kelowna

Contact MTM Designs to install quartz countertops for your home or business today.

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