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Create Cohesive Interiors with Custom Stone Products in Kelowna

MTM Designs offers a wide range of natural stone products of different colours that are suitable for residential use. In addition, if you are a contractor looking for custom stone products in Kelowna, we can help with all your requirements. From limestone fireplaces to mosaic tiles, our showroom has it all. Give us a call to discuss your requirements and benefit from our free quotes. Take a look at what we offer on this page.

Marble, Travertine and Onyx

Though aesthetically appealing, marble is relatively softer than granite and can be scratched by sharp or abrasive products, or etched by acids or chemicals. Yet, the beauty of marble makes it a valuable rock. Similarly, the beauty of travertine and onyx makes them a sought-after construction material. These stones can be used for making:

Tub surrounds
Bathroom counters and floors
Mosaic tiles
And more


Beautiful and durable, limestone is generally consistent in colour, but varies in hardness, density and porosity. It can scratch easily and reacts negatively to acids found in common household products such as lemon juice, vinegar, alcohol and some cleaners. Owing to its unique aesthetic appeal, limestone is useful for making:

Patio decks
Exterior ornamentation
And more


Stately, sturdy and durable, slate is an earthy stone with an old-world feel. It is fire resistant and doesn’t react to acids in food or cleaning products. Although it scratches easily and may chip around the edges, it can be remedied with proper care. Slate finds its usage in:

Walls and backsplashes
Shower floors
And more

Quartzite and Quartz

Natural Quartzite

Quartzite is a naturally occurring stone that has the delicate veining of marble and similar patterning to granite. It is a hard stone but is less dense than quartz. Even though quartz is a man-made product and quartzite is a natural stone, both are extremely beautiful and very durable. While quartz is less prone to denting or chipping, quartzite is more resistant towards heat. As a decorative stone, quartzite mainly finds its usage in kitchen countertops, cover walls, roofing tiles, flooring and stairs.

Engineered Man-made Quartz

Quartz is often made with the same quartz crystals that are found naturally in quartzite. These crystals are bound with resins, pigments and other materials. This process results in creating a very durable, non-porous material that comes in a wide variety of colours and designs, namely quartz. While quartzite has an elegant look that imparts natural beauty, quartz has a modern appearance that makes it a popular material for making contemporary kitchen countertops. 

Add a Timeless Elegance to Your Home

Select from a wide range of luxurious stone products that stands the test of time.

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